What Type Of Glass Is Best Used For Curtain Walls?

A curtain wall has become a trendy interior design. It is nothing but an aluminum-framed wall with mainly glass fillings. However, several buyers can’t decide which type of glass will be the right fit for their curtain walls. If you’re considering purchasing curtain walls anytime soon but don’t know which glass type to go for, this article is for you. The best types of glass used for curtain walls are:

1. Insulating Glass

Insulated glass is a unit constructed in a factory with two or more glass panes with air spaces between them. These curtain wall glasses are moisture-resistant and come with two different varieties of sealed units:

  • Organic Seal: A seal made of organic materials is applied to the edges of two or more glass panes – the ones separated from each other via air spaces.
  • Glass Edge Type: A glass edge is created using two sheets of clean and clear single or double-strength glass infused at their edges. These glasses come with air space of 3/16” between the sheets.

2. Laminated Safety Glasses

Laminated safety glasses are sandwich-like construction using two sheets of sheet glass or plate with interlayer materials like celluloid. These glasses prevent any risk of flying pieces. When it comes to curtain walls, laminated safety glasses are the best choice.

Ending Note

You can choose either laminated or insulated glass when picking your curtain wall system. With Republic AP, you can buy curtain wall systems with either of these glasses.