What To Know Before Installing A Glass Railing System

Glass Panic Door

Installing a glass railing system in your business is a great way to create a minimal, contemporary look. Glass is also a classic material, offering a durable, practical way to add style while also keeping people safe on stairs, decks, patio areas, or even in areas within a building.

Choosing a Style of Glass Railing

Understanding both the look and the design you want is critical before installing the railing. The most common options are a base shoe railing system, post glass railing system, and a standoff glass railing system.

The base shoe railing system is the most durable and uses an aluminum frame that holds the bottom of the glass within the aluminum base. There are different base options, and they can be installed into concrete for extremely strong and durable railing systems.

Standoff glass railing systems use block adaptors that are mounted to the side of the deck, stairs, or other structural components. The glass extends down past the structure and appears to stand off or float off the surface.

The post glass railing uses posts, bases, and handrails that are rounded, giving a classic yet contemporary look to any location.

Before choosing a glass railing system, look at the different styles and find one that looks right for your home or commercial building. At Republic AP, we offer a variety of styles, making it easy to find the right match. To find out more, call us at 571-642-5257 or email us with your questions.